Airwheel H3S

Airwheel H3S power chair, featuring automatic folding system and App remote control is the perfect companion for traveling around your city.

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Battery Capacity: 524Wh
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€ 3999.00

Customer reviews

This is a great chair! Not only is the power chair built well it's pretty cool looking. The joy stick is sensitive, auto-folding function is very creative.
Granny's birthday present, best money spent ever to see her smile like a child driving the chair around. She is the new star in her retirement center now.
I used to have a manual folding wheelchair, its worked fine and it folds for my light traveling needs. Recently I saw someone driving around one of the these folding electric wheelchairs and started looking for it. A distributor of Airwheel recommended the Airwheel H3S, said it is their newest offering in their product line that would fit my needs. I am very happy I made that decision, the Chair compared to my old manual chair is like a beast, it is very well made and sturdy the seating area is roomy and seat cushion is comfortable. I could go around my house and the surrounding grounds without any issues, even on occasional trip on gravel path, does not do well on lawn but their support made that clear before I got the chair. The chair design is an eye-catcher and I received a lot of comments driving it around and I was a little surprised with all the attention its getting. Over all a very good product and excellent support team, bravo!
This is an excellent chair. It folds so quickly and is incredibly easy to use. It has changed my life. I can go anywhere, I have my independence back. It is easy to transport in a car or any mode of transport. I will be ordering another battery to enable me to go further a field. Don't hesitate, I am a very happy customer.
Debby Reed
I received this today, 2 days before expected. Great customer service! It's a wonderful wheelchair! It has given my freedom back. It's sturdy and powerful and perfect! It is worth every penny you spend. You will not be disappointed. So very happy overall.
This wheelchair is wonderful, Easy to fold, nice controls, very pleased with everything. This makes my life much easier. Highly recommended.
Alvin Mendoza
this is the best price you can have on the market, after I notice it has a 530watt*hour battery.
Mark Thuilliez
I like the auto-folding design, save a lot strength indeed.
Joe Granata
my child brought this power wheel last month, I didn't expect any long distance of it, but it surprised me, it can at least travel 20 miles at one full charge.
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